Jan 2, 2015

Wordle 2014

I have a tradition to create Word Cloud with Wordle of the blog posts I've written during the year. It visually shows what I have written about. It's a nice easy way to see what this blog is all about.

Wordle of Blog Posts from 2014

It wasn't a surprise to myself or anyone who have read my blog, that word book is the most popular word in my blog. That's how it has been in the previous years and that's how it most probably will be in the future. The next most popular was people. That has been in the second place in the previous years also.

To get more insights of what I have written this year, I removed Book and People from the word cloud to see what were the next most popular words. (note: common words have been removed)

Wordle 2014 without Book and People

After this change the Wordle looks much more interesting. I'm happy that I've written about organizations, work and companies a lot. That's something that has interested me and I'm glad that I've also blogged about those.

Word Clouds from Previous Years

Wordle 2010
Wordle 2011

Wordle 2012
Wordle 2013

Written by +Henri Hämäläinen

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