Jun 8, 2013

Book Review: Little Book of Talent - 52 Tips for Improving Your Skills

I loved Daniel Coyle's previous book the Talent Code. That's the reason I wanted check another book from him, The Little Book of Talent - 52 Tips for Improving Your Skills.

Quite soon after I started to read this book, it became obvious that this book has the same contents as his previous one, just in much simpler form. For that reason, it is hard to review this one as a separate book. The ideas and information behind all the tips are good ones. Formatting these to the form of short tips although drops something out of the credibility of the content.

Formatting book in form of short tips about how to make things better, makes books easy and enjoyable. It hopefully then helps to get more people to read the message. Once in a while I do read books formatted like this, but I always miss the background information. Same happened this time, I would have liked to really get some more information about facts and stories behind each tip. I guess it just me, for many people this kind of formatting might be enough.

Content of the book is excellent. It tells about how people learn and gives good tips on learning. It is based on visits on, what Daniel Coyle call, talent hotbeds and actual scientific proof on nervous system studies. So there's a true basis where these tips are based, it just doesn't come out in a good form.

I recommend to read either this book, if you are bit lazy or the other one, if you want to know the backgrounds too. Daniel Coyle's message is worth of checking out.

Written by +Henri Hämäläinen

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