Feb 6, 2013

The tempting "do not disturb" icon

In daily business usage of different chat engines have become a standard. I at least have google talk, skype and Lync open all the time for contacting people located currently elsewhere than I am. In these systems, green always indicates free, yellow about inactivity, red about being in a meeting and then there's this "do not disturb" icon.

This "do not disturb"-icon always gets my attention. There comes this little temptation to really go and ask whether one is really busy. It always gets me thinking, what is so important, that someone needed to change the status to "do not disturb". Is she in a meeting presenting something, is there something fishy ongoing or what's the deal.

Is it just me, but could this "do not disturb" icon, actually mean: look at me, I'm important. 

Written by +Henri Hämäläinen

1 comment:

  1. Lync changes the status automatically to "do not disturb" when you share/present your desktop or when your monitor is duplicated. More annoying is that it is integrated to Outlook calendar i.e. shows red/busy, when I have reserved some time from my calendar to do something.. So I need to change to free then (if I just remenber).


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