Feb 10, 2013

Book Review - To Sell Is Human by Daniel Pink

The first book ever I have pre-ordered was this Daniel Pink's To Sell Is Human. I have to admit, that I am a big fan of Daniel Pink. I waited for this book for some time and it was well worth it.

As the title says this book is about sales. Dan Pink tells how sales has changed in recent years due to the increasing availability of information. He also explains how we are all more or less in selling business. At least we are all everyday trying to persuade others for something. So at the end we are all in sales.

As the previous books from him, this was really enjoyable to read. It's fluent and fun to read. Examples are good and text is interesting. He also dives in to sales world nicely. He gets himself involved and tells about those experiences interestingly.

Main idea in the book is that, selling is changing from stereotypical sleek car sales to more human listening and true understanding of the needs of a person. But the whole book is not only about soft values of moving people, there are also many good tips on closing the deal with certain behavior. Even if you would be in the traditional mindset of sales, this book has valuable tips to think of.

I enjoyed the book. I recommend this to everyone. It's easy to read and I can guarantee you get at least some behavioral tips out of it. If you think you are not sales at all, think again. There is always some situations where you need to sell your own point of view to someone else. That's as much selling as all the other selling.

Worth of mention is the inspiring pre-order campaign Dan Pink and his crew had created. They had exclusive webinar, exclusive material available and signed bookplate for those who pre-ordered the book. That got me to pre-order also. Only sad part is that I haven't received my bookplate yet, maybe they didn't post it to outside US. Still it doesn't change the way I feel the book, it was excellent.

Update 27.2.2013: I did receive my bookplate this week. Now I'm a happy owner of signed book.

Written by +Henri Hämäläinen

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