Jan 9, 2013

No one is irreplaceable because of their knowledge

There are people in organizations that seem irreplaceable. Of course no one is really irreplaceable, but they can be important for organization to keep running efficiently. The fun thing is that often it is thought that these irreplaceable people are so knowledgeable about some subjects that it makes them so important. But that's not the case.

In information age, knowledge is available for everyone. Information about basically any subject is only few googles away. The same is true with organizations, information is available for most who are eager enough to find it.

The true value of the people is how they use and process the information they receive. Mapping information together and ignoring irrelevant information are highly necessary skills of todays organizations. Reacting to correct information and knowing how and with whom to process the information is the key what makes some people so effective.

People should concentrate more on putting information and sources of information to the context than trying to gain information to themselves whenever they can. I bet everyone knows these people who try to be involved in everything, but they don't actually give any valuable input to anything. Then at the same time, there can be people who are not involved in many things, but once asked they somehow always seem to give valuable input.

Information about where and how to find information, is more important than knowing yourself. That's what irreplaceable people are made of.

Written by +Henri Hämäläinen


  1. As an old colleague of yours (Hkn), i would kindly point out that there are irreplaceable people out there. And you met one concrete person in your own team.

    Those irreplaceable ones are the ones, who are able to see the big picture, manage changes on them and dive into technical complexities and guide people.

    Yes, info is available to anybody, yet in a given time-frame, requirements, complexities of the technology/existing system, only few can master to melt everything in a pot. That's a skill, which takes years to get.

    Regards, Hkn

  2. I agree, I'm just stating that it's not only the knowledge that makes someone irreplaceable, but it's how one uses the knownledge. So details as such are not that important than the skills to use the knowledge. Maybe it's semantics, but I see it to be important difference.


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