Dec 31, 2012

Most popular and my favorite blog posts of the year 2012

As I mentioned in the previous post, I wasn't as active blogger this year that I was hoping to be. This is my 52nd post for the year, so it makes it one per week. Last year I blogged twice per week, so the drop is quite big. Still people kept visiting and reading my blog and the visitor amount raised steadily with the rate of about 100 more readers per month.
Five most popular blog posts this year

Here's a list of my most read blog posts for the year 2012. There's one from 2011, but that was read mainly during this year.
  1. Book review - Swim Smooth: The Complete Coaching System for Swimmers and Triathletes
  2. Good multitasking skills means good single tasking 
  3. Book review: Leading the Revolution by Gary Hamel
  4. Book review: Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience
  5. Cultural differences can make culture's diverge (from 2011)
Book reviews played the big part on my blog attractiveness. That's normal due to the fact that most of the posts were about book reviews. Luckily there's two other blog posts in the top list to prove to myself that people are interested on other things as well.

The blog post, cultural differences can make culture's diverge, was actually written long time ago already in August 2011. At that time, it got the normal interest of less than hundred reads. Just lately, it for some reason got attention again. Within latest couple of months people started to read and share it again. That's the reason it got to the list.

My own favorite blog posts this year

These are posts that I think has a good point and are written quite ok, but they didn't get the attention I would have wanted. That happens quite often, the posts that I think are interesting are not read a lot and then vice versa.  Here are the posts that I appreciate and want to raise from this year for another change.
Go check some of these out and leave comments if you think those are important or good ones.

Where does my readers come from?

I haven't opened this up ever before, but I think it's a time to do this also. In the very first year of this blog, my readers came naturally from Finland. Now that I have blogged regularly about three years, situation has changed. There's wide variety of people from many different countries visiting. I really appreciate that one.

Here's the list of countries where visitors come to my blog with percentages of visits
  1. USA (about 40%)
  2. Finland (15%)
  3. Ukraine (< 10%)
  4. Russia (< 10%)
  5. UK (< 10%)
  6. Germany (< 5%)
  7. China (< 5%)
  8. France (1-2%)
  9. Canada (1-2%)
  10. India (1-2%)
Thanks for everyone who has visited and read some of my posts this year.

Written by +Henri Hämäläinen

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