Oct 20, 2011

Take pictures, focus later camera - called Lytro - now in sales

I blogged some time ago about really cool camera, which let's you focus later. Check my blog post for more information Take pictures, focus later.

Picture from Lytro press site
I've seen cases that these cool ideas never get to production or too expensive for normal people. This isn't one of those. The camera is now available in 399$ to 499$ in their website. So it's not expensive at all. I could imagine that prices go down a lot in few years.

If you didn't read my blog back then when I first blogged about this, go check the camera out. It's really cool and it's really made for internet age: Lytro.com.

Only downside in this phase is, that these are only available in U.S for now, you need Mac to edit these photos and deliveries will start early 2012.

Written by +Henri Hämäläinen

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