Jul 15, 2011

Super cool augmented reality cinema - not really augmented though

There's a super cool augmented reality cinema app video going viral, definitely worth of checking out. Here's their web pages also: augmentedrealitycinema.com

I'm going to be nitpicker. I don't see how in earth it could really work as augmented reality app? Films are shoot in one or couple different angles, but in order it to really be an augmented reality it would need to be available in all angles and actually shown on top of the view you are looking. Quite challenging, I must say.

From the video you can see, that app is mainly playing back the scenes from the actual movies, so not really augmenting those in the view you are watching. So it's not really augmented reality app, but more of virtual reality based on location.

That's said, the app looks really great and idea is marvelous. It's a perfect addition to movie and series location tourism. I'm eagerly waiting to see it really in action.

Written by +Henri Hämäläinen

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