Jul 9, 2011

Me learning words: Rad

My ultimate source on being somewhat aware what the native english speakers from U.S really mean with slang words is Urbandictionary. I was once again searching for a word I noticed somewhere and I was so amused with this explanation that had to share with you.

Word: Rad
really cool, but in a more subtle way. as opposed to extreme or awesome. one of the highest compliments you can give someone. being rad is like being cool without having to work for it. it's like a natural coolness.
I love the wording "being cool without having to work for it". That defines so well many of the guys who are cool, but they really have to work for it. Then there are guys, who just are rad, cool without having to work for it.

I bet you native speakers might not find it hilarious, but it really made me smile. Written by +Henri Hämäläinen

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