Jul 13, 2011

Book I read - The Adventures of Johnny Bunko

I've been a fan of Daniel Pink since I read A Whole New Brain. I've been following his blog and reading his books. Finally I got my hands to The Adventurer of Johnny Bunko - The Last Career Guide You Ever Need.

Image: Danpink.com
It's not at all traditional business book, but it's actually written/drawn in the form of Manga. It's a really entertaining and fun way to deliver the message of the book. Comic type of an approach works well and tells in many points much more than words would have told. This actually got me thinking, why there's not more things explained in comic book format in business books. It would work really well.

Book content itself is also full of good points. It really gives good tips on making yourself to use more of your talents at workplace. And also it encourages to chase for more meaningful and enjoyable work life. Still it doesn't forget the realities of business world and it gives quite realistic picture of work life nowadays.

This is a fast reader, it took me bit over an hour to read it through and this even included some more detailed evaluation of some pages and pictures. I really recommend to get this to your hands, it might really be the last career guide you ever need.

Written by +Henri Hämäläinen

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