Jun 8, 2011

Steve Jobs presenting Apple new headquarters plan

No one can argue that Apple is one of the most innovative companies in the world. Much of it personalizes to Steve Jobs. You've most probably seen videos he talking in Apple press conferences and events, but those are carefully planned events that doesn't reveal much about the personality of Mr Jobs. Here's on the other hand footage from Cupertino town hall meeting from yesterday (7.6.2011) where he is presenting their plan and vision for the new headquarters for Apple to Cupertino.

In this video it's refreshing to see him to reveal his thinking about well-being of his employees, his commitments to his home town and the whole thinking behind Apple's desire for calm and beautiful design. I think this thinking perfectly reveals the importance of the soft values, like having enough nature available for employees, in Apple's thinking of making it perfect.

I think I figured out, from this single 20 minute video, much more about Mr. Jobs way of thinking than tens of articles I've read about him. Watch it with careful thinking if you like:

Written by +Henri Hämäläinen

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