Apr 14, 2011

How to get lot of web traffic to your news blog or service

Here's a tip for smaller news sites and blogs who want to multiply their traffic just within couple of days.

Firts step. Pick a subject that is quite popular, but still speculative. Here's some good example's: next product launch of Apple, next steps of Google's social network, organizational changes of some big company, something about some famous celebrity. I guess you got the point.

Step 2. Then create a speculative news article with these elements:
- make contradictory statement which has a slight change of being true.
- tell that you have insight information from anonymous source close to company or person
- ask for comment from actual source (you can actually skip this one, since they never comment on speculative issues)
- publish your article and start spreading the word

Step 3. All the news sources will publish the info stating that according to anonymous source of  [your web page here] this and that will or already have happened.

Step 4. Enjoy the benefits and increased traffic and hope you won't get sued. You can always try to say that you can't reveal your sources, if someone accusses you on false information.

Written by +Henri Hämäläinen

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