Apr 29, 2011

Book I read: 7 Habits of highly effective people

I got some recommendations that I should read Stephen R. Covey's, 7 habits of highly effective people. It's an old book, I guess you could call it classic on self management and evolving yourself. For appreciation for these people who recommended this one, I decided to give it a go, even the title wasn't really attempting for me.

I honestly thought by the title and sells speeches, that book would give easy answers to be more effective. And I do hate easy answers, because I don't believe those to work. If something seems too good to be true, it often is. For that reason, I wasn't really expecting much out of this book, but how wrong was I.

Book really digs deep in behavior of a person and tries to change the way you think of life and your way to response to it. It gives some really good ideas and also practical tips how you can get more out of your life, not only about work or personal life, but everything as whole. No wonder it has sold over 15 million pieces. Even though it is an old book and lot have changed with internet and mobile nowadays, it is absolutely valid still today. It could be even more valid now than it used to be in the time it was released.

Only thing I found bit annoying was that towards the end the message started to be bit of a preaching. Some things related to religion and behavior started to be presented as facts of life, not as opinions of a writer. In 21th century, I think many people don't have such a strict points of view for those things.

Have to say it was pleasure to read it. I definitely learned from it and I'm already trying out some of the things presented there. Also I notices that I'm already following some parts of the habits, so this was a good boost to continue on that way.

This one goes once again to my recommended reading list.

Written by +Henri Hämäläinen

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