Mar 8, 2011

My thoughts about book Gamestorming

I've always enjoyed events and meetings which have something special. It's always nice when organizers have used time to think about better ways to spend the time together than just regular meetings or normal events. That's the reason I bought this book, Gamestorming. I was expecting to get good ideas for organizing meetings or events. Book really hit the target.

Book made by Dave Gray, Sunni Brown and James Macanufo is a perfect playbook for anyone wanting to make more productive meetings. It tells a bit overall about gamestorming, using game type of activities for different situations to resolve problems, and also it gives lot of good games to try with. I was familiar with few of the gamestorming games beforehand and I can say from experience that those have been really productive meetings and events when those were used.

This book will definitely have a place in my office bookshelf as playbook for different situations. I'm eagerly waiting to get to try some of these games out. I know that it does require a certain type of issues and a group willing enough to use these, but situations to use these still come quite often. For that reason I'm going to keep this book close.

Book was easy to read and games were easy to understand. Still already now, I know that I don't remember half of the games there were. I used a different tactics, I tried to detect situations, where I think these games would come handy. Then next time when I come to similar situation, I will pick up the book and check one of the games I thought would suit that situation. So my idea is to start to use it as a guide for these games and I'll learn by trying these out.

If you need to organize events, solve problems with groups or get people for meetings, this book is a really good one.

Written by +Henri Hämäläinen

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