Mar 15, 2011

Everybody appreciates a thank you

I've always believed that we are all just humans. I've believed that even the most successful company leaders, successful athletes and popular writers, they are all just humans and appreciate a feedback and thanks for their work. Now in the times you can quite easily to get hold on basically all the people in the planet, I've really got the proof that all the people are just people.

I've blogged about, tweeted and emailed a bunch of people who I think have done a great job in something I care about. I haven't actually been expecting any feedback from these people, but I've just thought that I'll spread the good word or give the feedback to them directly. As a pleasant surprise I've got an answer from many of these people saying that they appreciate it.

That's just so nice. I take it as a proof that they are really normal people, who connect with other normal people. Small thing to understand, but yet so powerful.  
Written by +Henri Hämäläinen

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