Feb 22, 2011

For the sake of humanity, be aware and share

People in middle east and northern Africa are fighting with their lives at stake for democracy and better living conditions. This year will be written to history as year for horrible violence happening there. Hopefully also as victory for freedom and praise for high technology and globalization.

Without internet, smart phones and computers we wouldn't have as good understanding what we have about what's ongoing in these countries. This isn't for sure first time there's unimaginable violence ongoing to smother protests against governments, but this is maybe the first time we don't need to rely only on official sources for information. People in these countries have the possibility to store and share their experiences as they happen.

The fact that we in other countries see what's really happening doesn't itself have any value to the people who are suffering there, if we don't take these videos, stories and pictures seriously. The best thing for the people in these countries is that we share and talk about the horrible things ongoing there. Increasing public awareness about these will have an effect on politicians and that will eventually affect on governments and organizations who really can step in. And by sharing we support the people to have strength to fight for freedom.

Go out there and check for example what is tweeted about Libya from Trendmaps or follow the Al Jazeera live blogs about what is really happening there. There will be rumors and incorrect information flying around also, but images and videos rarely lie. Use your self-criticism, but at least be aware of the things blogged, tweeted or videos shared from these countries.

I believe these weeks are really turning points in the world we live in. Helping these countries to get more freedom will change the world for better place much more than the military actions ongoing in Iraq and Afghanistan will ever do. Just don't close your eyes on what's happening in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Morocco, Bahrain and all over the middle-East and northern Africa. It only takes couple minutes.  

Written by +Henri Hämäläinen

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