Feb 8, 2011

Cool way of using games for electrifying our Finnish heritage

Kudos to National Library of Finland. They came up with cool way to use crowdsourcing in electrification of old Finnish newspapers. They are using games in making sure some of the words are correctly documented. Also people will correct words when they are playing.

Here's introductions to two games that can be played:

I tried both of those games and those words are tricky. It's not easy to actually know what 19th century letters and words actually are meaning and saying. I twice out of 9 tries got all words correct. So it's not too easy, but maybe it makes it bit more interesting to play.

It's fun to see if they really get players and if this really works. These games do have this bit nerdish feeling and I'm not sure if people really like to play these, but let's see. At least it's a fresh way to try to use the help of everyone in documenting our journalistic heritage to be in more easily findable and readable form. Thumbs up already from trying this one.

More information about the project can be found from Digitalkoot website also in English.  

Written by +Henri Hämäläinen

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