Feb 24, 2011

Certificate of this and that

World is full of certificates. Everyone is offering a possibility to get certificate of this and that. These papers don't really count a thing. It doesn't prove that you really have learned something. It just says you have participated and in some cases you might had to even remember something if there was a test on the subject.

I have couple of certificates lying in my drawer, but I keep those safely there, that no one would ever really think I appreciate those. Still many of the courses I've got those certificates from have been valuable. There's been some excellent guys keeping those courses and I've really got the boost on start learning more on those subjects based on those ones. But I couldn't have said after any of those, that now I'm good because I'm certified for this and that .

I'm wondering why those certificates still exist? Are there people and companies who still appreciate those? Do some employers really check from resumes that this guy is certified for this and that, he or she must be good in this. And do some people still think that these certificates ads a value to their future possibilities.

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Maybe there are some things in work life that you need to be certified to do before you are allowed to do it. I would definitely want electrician or my doctor to be certified to do their job.The problem is that these are actually degrees, not certificates. Electrician and doctor needs to do hell of a lot of work before getting that diploma, but you can also get a certificate of something with only couple of days of training.

Even a degree doesn't prove that you are good, but you have had to go through at least quite many gating to get that degree. For certificates you need to maybe go through one loose gate. Often having a certificate works actually the opposite way. It tells that these guys are just the beginners because they appreciate the certificate and don't yet realize that real life is the one that counts.

Written by +Henri Hämäläinen


  1. all good points. however, don't forget that for some employers the certificates are valuable. for one, it tells us that the candidate was interested enough to congince their previous boss to spend some money on education. that is a good sign bacause it shows interest on the topic, and negotiation skills to be able to convince their boss! ;)

  2. I know. People value different things. I still think that certificates are mainly for resume's, people want to prove just that, that they are eager to learn. Still for some it doesn't mean they are, they just want to seem like they are.

    Good that I'm not recruiting, I would be so over-analyzing CV's :)


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