Feb 21, 2011

Adults should be entitled to play

I've noticed that when I'm sledding with kids, most of parents out there are really excited to get to play. Under two years old kids are brought to sledding with snow-racers and couple of sleds, just that there would enough equipment for all the adults who come with. Many adults really seem to enjoy that time out there.

Playing really refreshes mind. That's something all adults should be doing once in awhile. Sad thing is that it often requires kids before people for example go out to sled or play with snow. Too rarely you see people without kids having real fun outdoors.

Great thing about being parent that you can go out with your kids and really play. You can free yourself to the play state of mind and go play in parks and everywhere else.

I guess one reason that game consoles have come so popular nowadays is that those give the right to play. Everyone loves to play and game consoles like Wii and Xbox with Kinetic gives the right to play and look like a fool.

I don't know what I'm going to do when kids grow older and won't want to come to sledding in winter or creating sand castles in a sandbox in summer. Maybe that time I need to buy one of those game consoles myself too. For now, I'm just enjoying all the playing I can.  

Written by +Henri Hämäläinen

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