Jan 3, 2011

Thoughts about book from Daniel Pink - Drive

Finally read Daniel Pink's Drive. I've been waiting to read this book for half a year already, so I had high expectations towards it. After A Whole New Mind, I was expecing actually more entertaining book, but this one surprised of being more serious and even more concentrated to the important subject.

It wasn't easy to read, it really required concentration to understand it, but the content was brilliant. Book guided me through backgrounds of motivation and incentives all the way to current understanding of what drive people forward. What are the things that really motivate people.

I confess, I've never been a school person as such. I've never understood all the hassle with numbers and exams et cetera. I've gone through the whole system and graduated from university, but I've only learned the things that has been interesting to me. The rest I've just passed. This book explains some of my behavior and gives some good insights how school system could change. Also it proposes some ways to encourage this true learning (intrinsic motivation) with kids in schools that don't encourage this motivation type I approach.

If you are looking for light weight reading, maybe this is not for you right now. If you want to understand behavior of yourself and the people around you, this will give you food for thought.

This book got me structure my thoughts that for me happiness, learning and motivation goes hand in hand. Quite an achievement for one book.

Written by +Henri Hämäläinen

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