Jan 27, 2011

Shoes as your social media tools

UPDATE 5.2.2011: Now the video is visible again. It's updated a bit, but it have all the great content still there. Now it says clearly that it's a school project and not done by ad agency. Apologies for that. 

UPDATE 31.1.2011: These guys have decided to make this video locked with password. That's just lame! Why in earth to put it to Vimeo in the first place if people can't share it. So sorry for video not being available anymore. I want to keep the post here still if you want to read it.

I find this idea really interesting. You would have RFID in your shoe and you could easily check in places and connect to any social services using specific spots (or mats as in this one). Check the video out:

RFID in shoes from Hampus Lemhag on Vimeo.
As I understand this isn't really real yet, but it's a concept done by ad agency a school project in Hyper Island.

There's definitely something in the idea. My guess is that this connecting yourself to online world with touching things will become more and more popular in near future. There are many good options what is the "device" you will connect with, it could be phone, it could be some jewel or it could be shoe. It just needs to be dead simple.  

Written by +Henri Hämäläinen

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