Jan 31, 2011

Book I hope everyone reads: The genius in all of us

The Genius in All of Us was really a mind boggling experience. It challenges long list of believes on learning, personal capabilities and restrictions and impact of your heritage. Author David Shenk has unbelievably well explained these groundbreaking results of recent findings on genetics.

Idea behind the book is that genes don't affect as much as we commonly believe on our capabilities on doing or learning something. Common misconception is that somebody have "better genes" for that or "people have born with skill" to make something. That just isn't true. Environment, parents, childhood, food, the way our parent lived and especially what we do matter more than just pure genetics.

It's a controversial subject, but it comes with more than 150 pages or references and proof. I read things with open mind and heart, but of course when somebody comes and says that everything you've believed in genetics is not exactly true, it raises some doubts. David has prepared his subject really well with lots and lots of scientific and historical proof and there are lot of easily understandable examples.

I really loved this book. As a dad of two small daughter (9m and 3y) I also felt the responsibility to encourage them to learn and use full potential of themselves without anyone, not me or anyone else saying them that they couldn't do something. But it's not only for parents. This is for everyone who want find out why you shouldn't believe anyone saying that it's in their genes or they're born with it.

I know that after reading this book I'm a different person. This is one of the the books I will remember for a long long time.

Written by +Henri Hämäläinen

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