Dec 3, 2010

My thoughts on One subject blogs becoming boring revisited

From the moment I blogged about one subject blogs becoming boring soon, I felt that something in my thinking isn't really right. There's TV series and books made on top of very narrow subject. So maybe the reason for blog becoming boring is not about the subject.

If I think myself back for couple of weeks, even a month, I just kept running back to similar post on similar subject about Agile. This got me in to impression that problems is the subject. That it isn't evolving in the speed blogging about it is.

Soon after my post, I run into two agile posts that got me convinced that it's just about taking new view points and connecting existing knowledge on a way that haven't been arranged before to make good posts. So it's still about the content and presentation skills. Not about the subject. Those two great posts by the way, where one form my colleague Vasco Duarte about Patterns of Agility and second was from Jurgen Appelo about there is no single truth about Agile and Lean.

How stupid I was. I've always hated people who jumps directly to conclusions and are not really analysing any reasons, and now it was me who did so. Obviously subject isn't the reason. It's like if you give 20 photographers a mug and table and ask them to shoot some amazing photos. You can get few really amazing from surprising angle and set and then the rest looks almost the same.

Maybe the main reason for my original post was to convince myself that I can post anything on this blog and people will continue to read it. Maybe I need to revisit on my thoughts on that one too.

I take myself credit of at least realizing my faulty thinking.

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