Dec 31, 2010

Most popular and my favorite blog post from me in year 2010

Year is over and like everyone else, I'll do a short recap on my blogging. I got in to blogging this year and it's been lot of fun. It's been nice to see that there has been also increasing number of people coming to read my posts.

Here's recap which posts people have liked and which I like the most.

Quoted content
 Amazing stuff with using existing images in social 
By far most popular post in my blog.

The machine is changing us: YouTube and the politics of authenticity  
Personal favorite, this video really affected what I think about me (I mean anyone as themselves) in web when they write or communicate in anyways. If you haven't seen go and watch: 

My own content
Personal cloud services
Second most popular post of my blog.

Day my dad joined Facebook
Personal favorite, it was on that time shocking. Now I've got used to situation, but I have to admit I haven't really noticed my dad there. Maybe I got over it, but it was funny to read what I thought on that time.

Short book reviews of mine:
Who moved my cheese 
Most popular of these book reviews.

What Would Google Do
Personal favorite, not because what I wrote about it, but how refreshingly good the book itself was. I had expectations towards it, but it exceeded those by a mile.

Have a good new year!

Written by +Henri Hämäläinen

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