Dec 28, 2010

Looking back - inspiring blogs and sites this year

Year is ending and I decided to join the club and make short recaps on my web life. This was the year I really realised how much great content and interesting people there are to enrich my life.

I'll start these recaps with listing couple of blogs I have enjoyed following this year:

It's inspiring to see new innovations everywhere around the world day after day. In some weird way it makes me happy that there are always room for good small innovations. It doesn't require a corporation to build something new and interesting.

Seth's blog
Being as popular as he is, he still keeps making surprisingly good observations about the world we live in. Quality of posts no one else have been able to achieve.

Stuff no one told me
Beautiful and inspiring cartoons from Alex Noriega.

Hawaiians do no blog
Amazingly stupid nonsense with twisted sense of humor. Best medicine to not to think yourself too much of an adult yet.

Ted talks
It's not exactly a blog, but there's so much great content I've enjoyed during the year that it had to make to the list.

There's many more I've followed and many of those have produced some brilliant posts. These are just the ones that have almost always made me feel more inspired or happy. That's the reason I think those are most relevant to me.
Written by +Henri Hämäläinen

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