Dec 2, 2010

Book I read - What Would Google Do

I've been a fan of Google for long time already. Maybe that's why I expected book What Would Google Do to tell stories about Google. I was totally blown away how much more there actually is in this book than just Google. Actually this book isn't really about Google, but the way they think and how that thinking have changed the world already and will change for the future also.

I've never had so many ideas bursting to mind than reading this one. In every chapter in some point there came this realization, "hey this is how it could be done" or "OK, that's a brilliant way to look on this problem". Book covers so many different industries giving examples and ideas how this Googlethinking or Googlejuice as Jeff Jarvis puts it, that it makes it really interesting book for many.

Openness and trust are the key themes in this one. This book got me again one step towards being more open and direct. Jeff convinced me that there's much more benefits of being open than what are the risks of it. Of course you need to be aware of your privacy, share the things you want to. And I'm at least thinking that openness is your personal right, I'm not entitled to share too much data on my kids or my friends, but I'll let them decide themselves.

I have to say, that I didn't have a dull moment reading this one. Almost every book have this section which could be made shorter or more interesting, but with this one, nothing comes to my mind.

I really want to recommend this book to everyone who wants to understand how openness have changed and will continue to change the world we live in and how companies and organizations operate.

I'm sure this is one of the books I'll get back to over and over again. I at least enjoyed this one a lot and hope you would enjoy it too.

Next in line I have Dan Pink's Drive which I've waited to read for a long time. I'm excited to start that one.

Written by +Henri Hämäläinen

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