Nov 19, 2010

Personal cloud services

I have this problem of having many computers I use, 2 different at home then the ones in workplace in addition. When I need to remember to do something, I often send myself mail, to either work email or home email related where I need to remember that one. This works for things that need immediate attention.

When I want to store some information for longer time, I had this problem of not finding suitable tool for that one. I use Diigo for things related in web, but that's not for my own content. And I know Evernote is kind of for this king of thing, but I figure out otherway more suitable for me.

I made form in Google docs for me. I can reach Google doc form anywhere, any time, with any PC or mobile. All information is then stored there and I can get back to it also whenever I want.

I know it's nerdy solution, but it really works fine for me. And you can easily extend it for your family or friends for example. That's my personal cloud service.  

Written by +Henri Hämäläinen

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