Nov 23, 2010

One subject blogs comes soon quite boring

I wouldn't like to keep many blogs. I already have two, this one and then one stream of funny stuff in Posterous. Still many guide that you should try to blog about one narrow subject, so that people would know what to expect. That would make them follow you. In a longer term, I think it's bit other way around.

I've been following for example Agile blogs for some time. One after another those start to become more borer and borer. Agile is still quite narrow subject where renewal of different methods and thoughts takes time. No one can really write interesting new views on agile 100 times a year.

I think more and more, people are finding writings by recommendation or social stream. So people are not following exact blogs only, but writings that are detected by someone else and are visible in websites, twitter and FB streams. This also supports my approach of wider scope.

Why I actually started to think on this, was that I thought that how much I should mix things from personal interest and professional interest on this blog. For example, I'm not that an agilist, that I would without my job, really follow that closely what's happening with Agile. But then, I am following some of the tech stuff just for personal interest. Same goes with many other things. Some stuff I follow and know from business and some from personal life.

I actually convinced myself, that I'm going to continue blogging on misc subjects, since that so much more fun. You can write on anything that comes to you mind. If people don't like, then they don't read it. Skipping content is easier than ever. And there's so much always happening in the world and life, that it would be shame to try to keep with one subject. Hope you agree and read me some other time also.

I revisited my thoughts 3.12.2010. Here's a post for that one: My thoughts on one subject blogs revisited.

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