Nov 10, 2010

Can you live your life without ever trying Facebook?

I have still many real life friends who have refused to join Facebook or Twitter due to principle. I think they still see it childish or something. This got me thinking what's gonna happen to them.

These guys are men of principle (there's lot of those in Finland) and they might be so stubborn that they'll never join FB. I think FB is there for good. It's going to change over time for sure, but I don't see it ever going away. FB or something similar will be part of our lifes for a long time.

If they will never join FB I think they will somehow get isolated. That's really the question. Will they be isolated or not? Is FB account like email, you just need to have one. Or is it just for fun. Will they be dissed in future job interviews if they are not part of social media. I'm not saying FB equals social media, but it often is the first step to interact elsewhere in the web also.

What FB has really brought to me is the different level of friendship and communication. There's lot of people who I follow and who I interact with, I would almost never talk otherwise. This is the aspect they might not ever really understand. I just see it a pity.

If I check from their perspective, I don't think they'll really miss anything, since they don't know what to miss. And I'm not saying that's wrong at all. That's just selection of life.

And don't get me wrong, some of these are really my best friends and really smart guys. It's just so funny that they see something like FB or Twitter so differently than I.

Everyone just needs to make their own mistakes, like Geraint Andersson said.

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