Nov 14, 2010

Book I read: Undercover economist

Good friend of mine brought this book to me and said, just read it. My education is from economics, so I wasn't really that keen on reading book about economics. My friend knew all this, so I decided to give Undercover Economist by Tim Harford a try.

I have to admit that mr Harford really can explain things easily and entertainly. Many of thing that he brought up I knew, but still he explained those from an angle that really made it valuable to keep on reading.

Book was able to explain many complex economical stuff so easily that it really started to feel that these things are simple and easy. One of the best things were that human side was often present. Book explained many phenomenons so that it was obvious that human behaviour is one of the key explanations to those.

I liked the most on the game theory, globalisation and china becoming big parts of the books. All these really introduced some good views to me. I maybe need to find some books about game theory after this one. Somehow that felt so interesting and I have so little understanding on that one. My game theory is mainly from poker books and from movie Beautiful Mind.

If you have any interests to economics, this is good one. Like my friend said, just read it.

Written by +Henri Hämäläinen


  1. There's an interesting book I read about Game theory that you could find useful. It's the "Evolution of Cooperation". The author uses game theory to explain how cooperation emerges in a system. Really interesting read about cooperation and Game Theory! :)

  2. Thanks. I'll take your word for it and give it a try.


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