Oct 3, 2010

Zero complex

I think I have zero complex. I've noticed that I just must get my to do counters to zero when those are existing.

In Gmail, Google reader, work mail and other similars, I have fixation to get unread items to zero. It doesn't mean I need to really thorougly read those, but I at least need to check the headings and see if it's something worth reading later.

Funny thing is, this same doesn't happen with Twitter or Facebook or anything else which don't have that a counter showing how many are not read.

I don't think myself as perfectionist, but certainly this has something to do with completing. I have no idea though where this fixation came from. But I guess it's easy to blame parents about all these things you do subconsciosly.  I just hope my boss is not reading this.. I would be so easy to motivate me by just having huge number on my wall showing unfinished tasks :)

Just wondering am I alone, are there others with Zero-Complex around? Maybe we should set up some support group..

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