Sep 21, 2010

Consumer promises in test, faulty product delivered

I am quite heavy user of webshops. I've ordered lot of different kind of stuff from all over the world. Now for the first I really got my first faulty product.

I ordered from Smoothy (from Germany) about month ago bean bag for kids and it was so excellent, I decided to order another one. It came yesterday and it's surface had couple of big scratches and bag was about half as full as the previous one.

I'm not upset yet, I understand that mistakes happen, but now it's the time this company is really valued. They have in their website these promises on quality and money back guarantee and other customer focused grap. Let's now see how they really walk the talk.

This is the point I'm either gona start promoting or dismissing them. I really loved the first bean bag, so hope that they serve me well.

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