Aug 10, 2010

Facebook posts I hate

I bet there's hundreds of these types of lists already existing, but still here's mine. There are certain type of facebook updates i really hate.

1. Ridlles
These updates which doesn't really tell anything, but are there to tease and make people ask questions. Those are just annoying way to try to people interested about someone. If you have something to say, just say it!

2. Repeatition
You know these updates, Again goint to work.. going to work.. going to work. Week after week same update. OK, maybe that's the only thing happening in someone's life, but it's just so boring..

3 Gooooaalll.....
Someone is watching some games or sports in TV and then have urgent need to tell about every fucking goal and happening to all friends in FB.

Anything else come to your mind?

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