Jun 2, 2010

World cup time!!

It's nice to be a Finn at World cup time. We've never made to play the games, so you can just enjoy the games without this stress about how well your team is playing.

What I've always done is to pick up the teams that plays the pretties football and have the most interesting players and live through the matches with those favorite teams. This kind of gives this little feeling to matches, but still you are not that disappointed if your selected team doesn't win.For me this is perfect way to enjoy the games.

I haven't received my sport magazine for this week with hopefully the world cup extra, but with first look here's my favorite's:

Netherlands - Just due the players with amazing attacking capabilities like Sneijder and Robben.

Chile - Haven't seen any of their games, but stories tell that there will be happening a lot when these guys play.

Spain - Winner candidate number one in my paper.

Argentina - Amazing players, "amazing"coach. Anything from disaster to finals.

Whole Group G - Toughest group plus North-Korea which no one knows much. All games can be really interesting.

Eagerly waiting for kick off.

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