Jun 17, 2010

Music, my day saver

Didn't get that much sleep last night due to my newborn baby and FIFA 2010. This morning I was in this bad mood which happens easily when I don't sleep enough. After surviving breakfast and other, I finally got in to my car.

I stopped for a second to think that this shouldn't be the way to start the day. There must be a way to turn the day around. I plugged my phone to car stereos and started go through my music collection to find something to cheer me up. I picked upped something that I know has made me smile previously (new Katy Perry) and started the way to work.

It really works. Music has lot of impact to mood. I bet there are studies about this, but at least my own experience is that this works. When I'm heading to play some sports, I have music to get to me prepared, when I want to concentrate at work, there's a music for that also.

I'm just happy that I was able to turn my morning around. Maybe the Finnish morning sun had some effect too..

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