Mar 31, 2010

About Daniel Pink's - A Whole new mind

I read like half a year ago Dan Pink's - Whole new mind.

It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that it's an excellent book. It is seems to be mentioned in all top business book charts. Still I don't think it's only a business book. It does talk about work life and business, but it has lot of ideas for life outside of work also.

What amazes me, is that I keep coming back and back to the thoughts on it. I have started to realise that many of the people and the companies I see as someone to admire, do have many of capacities Dan presents in his book.

These are the six senses from the book, but maybe those don't open properly without reading the book itself:

   1. Design - Moving beyond function to engage the sense.
   2. Story - Narrative added to products and services - not just argument. Best of the six senses.
   3. Symphony - Adding invention and big picture thinking (not just detail focus).
   4. Empathy - Going beyond logic and engaging emotion and intuition.
   5. Play - Bringing humor and light-heartedness to business and products.
   6. Meaning - the purpose is the journey, give meaning to life from inside yourself.
I think these are nothing new really. It's just first time I see someone to put those in such a good order with proper reasonings. I've even really tried to take these as my guideline for work and life from the moment i read this one.

Only bad thing about the book I have to say, is that it has too many interesting exercises :) It would be so nice to try out many more than the ones I've tried so far.

Happy reading

Written by +Henri Hämäläinen